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SRM 320 Week 5 Final Proposal

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Focus of the Program Proposal Develop a proposal for creating a sports or recreation program. The program may be of whatever type you choose (public, private, community, high school, collegiate, youth, adult, semi-professional, professional, sports, fitness, competitive, recreational).

Focus on the management aspects of the program and demonstrate the concepts learned throughout the course. Design the program based on the chapters covered in the course textbook, the topics from the weekly discussions, the standards of operation in the sports and recreation industry, and your personal experiences. Through the proposal, demonstrate a culmination of your learning in SRM 320:

1. Present the required components of the program that you are proposing. Develop the components from the topics covered in the course text and the weekly discussions.

2. Explain why each aspect of the program is important to the management of the program. Show critical thinking in your explanations.

3. Include an argument for the creation of the program. In your argument, define the benefits of participation in the program.

4. Create a realistic budget for the program. Use applicable research in preparing the budget.

Illustrate integrative learning in outlining the components of the program, their importance and why the program should be developed. Integrate research from the course text, other academically appropriate resources, and personal experiences.

Include eight to ten pages of written content, in addition to the title page and references page.

Format according to APA standards and include a minimum of three scholarly sources. Write clearly and organize the assignment logically, according to academic standards.

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SRM 320 Week 5 DQ 1 Marketing Program

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List the principles that should be observed in a marketing program. Give two specific examples of how these can be applied to a sport program. Describe why this would be advantageous.

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. 

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SRM 320 Week 4 Quiz

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1.         The physical education office in a school should be located:

Near health service and athletic training offices

Near the rear of the building

Near the gymnasium

A and C

B and C

 2.        A school employee would not usually be considered liable:

If he or she is in the same room when an injury occurs

If pupils have been told not to use dangerous equipment in the teacher’s absence

As a result of accidents occurring during sudden emergencies

If a pupil has waived his or her right to sue for damages

All of the above

3.         Surveys show that premiums for school insurance are paid by:


The school

The insurance company

All of the above

A and B

4.         The principal of governmental immunity:

Is derived from the doctrine that “the king can do no wrong”

Gives protection to the individual teacher

Has been waived by legislation in some states

All of the above

A and C

 5.        Lawsuits claiming a violation of a student’s or athlete’s civil rights might cite:

The First Amendment

The Fourth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment

Any of the above

None of the above

 6.        In recent years, the level of litigation in physical education and sport has:

Remained constant

Decreased due to increased health and safety emphasis

Fluctuated with insurance rates


Decreased as less physical education is taught in schools

 7.        A secretary’s duties should include:

Teaching classes

Preparing budgets

Picking up lunch for the faculty and staff

Greeting visitors

Assuming duties of chairperson when he/she is absent

 8.        A tort can be committed as a result of:

Acts of commission

Acts of liability

Acts of omission

All of the above

A and C

9.         The least valid of the criteria in selecting school accident insurance is:

Deductible clauses should be included

The policy should meet the needs of the individual school

Cost of the policy should be as reasonable as possible

Coverage should include all school activities

All pupils and teachers should be insured

10.      The office is relatively unimportant to physical educators because:

Most of their time is spent outdoors or in gymnasiums

The atmosphere in physical education departments tends to be less formal than in other departments

Physical educators have relatively few records to keep in comparison with other departments

 All of the above

None of the above

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SRM 320 Week 4 DQ 2 Justification of Resources

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As the future manager of a large sports program, describe the office personnel and basic equipment you would need to be successful and then justify your request.

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. 

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SRM 320 Week 4 DQ 1 Defining Risk Management

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Without directly referring to your text, construct a definition (as you understand it) of at least 3 of the following:

- Legal Liability

– Negligence

Assumption of Risk – Tort – Insurance Management

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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SRM 320 Week 3 Quiz

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SRM 320 quiz week 3

 1.        The “E” in PPBES stands for:






2.        Physical education and sport budgets typically include the item of:

Capital outlay

Expendable equipment

A maintenance and repair provision

All of the above

None of the above

 3.        Recommendations for selecting a suitable site for a school facility with adequate space include all the following except:

5 acres of land for an elementary school

20 acres of land for a senior high school

10 to 12 acres of land for junior high or middle school

a minimum of 20 square feet for every child

None of the above

 4.        If PPBES is used, which of the following statements is true?

Alternative plans can be analyzed

Instructional costs are difficult to identify

Public awareness is decreased

Costs and risks may be systematically compared

A and D

 5.        In working with an architect, physical educators should:

Submit ideas and plans for their special facilities in writing early in the planning stages

 Set up conferences with the architect to exchange views

Provide names of schools with superior facilities

All of the above

A and C

 6.        Zero-base budgeting requires:

Additional expenditures beyond last year’s budget to be justified

No additional expenditures

Athletics to be self-sustaining

Boards of Education to adjust for inflation

All expenditures to be justified

 7.        All of the following are steps in the budget preparation process except:






 8.        Educational specifications to the architect would not be likely to include-

Subject matter content for various courses

Storage requirements

Number and size of game courts

Preferred method of routing student traffic

Number and size of classes

9.         The most common per capita unit used by schools for cost analysis is:

Per pupil average daily attendance

Number of school-age children in the school district

Per pupil average daily membership

Attendance divided by pupils present

None of the above

 10.      All of the following are examples of capital outlay except:

Swimming pool

Weight room

Basketballs and volleyballs

Racquetball courts

All of the above (Chapter 10)

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SRM 320 Week 3 Explaining Management Decisions

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Imagine that you are a peer to the vice president of Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, the makers of Ping golf products. He comes to you, angry because of a decision made by the president of the organization. The president of Karsten has decided to contract with someone outside of the company to restructure the division that the vice president oversees. The vice president does not understand why he hasn’t been asked to restructure his own department. He has no management training or education, but he has been with Karsten for 20 years. Considering the sports and recreation industry, his lack of training, and the implications of his 20 year tenure with the company, help him by illustrating why contracting with someone outside of the organization will benefit him and the division that he manages:

Explain why the vice president will benefit from having an outsider restructure his department by combining information that you have learned and relating it to the scenario. Integrate concepts from your research with what you have learned in this course, SRM 320, as well as in other courses.

Provide research on both the company and the sports and recreation industry that demonstrates management concepts and industry trends as they apply to the scenario. Draw from the course text as well as other scholarly sources, such as other course texts and articles from academic journals.

Use practical examples to illustrate the management concepts in the sports and recreation industry as they are relevant to the scenario. Use critical thinking in choosing and applying the examples


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SRM 320 Week 3 DQ 2 Staff Management

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Prepare a list of reasons to present to a board to justify the addition of staff to the programs you manage, or programs you are familiar with. Make sure you identify the level and type of programs.

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings 

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SRM 320 Week 3 DQ 1 Fiscal Management

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As a business manager of a sports program, what aspects of fiscal management would involve you and the management of that sports program?

Be sure to define the level in the program you choose for context. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings

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